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For hundreds of years, chalk has been used inside wineries across the globe. Many times it is used to write on barrels to indicate vintage year, specific varietals, as well as to make notes on a collective wall or meeting area for the winemaking team to check in on. Additionally, chalk has been extensively used in education on a blackboard wall to help teach concepts to a classroom full of students. We're happy to highlight this hands-on approach to both winemaking and education with the launch of our new Blackboard label and website.

Blackboard makes wine to make a difference. Crafted from sustainable vineyards, proceeds ensure greater access to education through donations and partnerships.

While today officially launches our new Blackboard website, since our first vintage in 2008, a portion of Blackboard wine sales has always gone to support local, national, and international non-profit educational charities and organisations. With the proceeds, Matthews has been able to donate over $50,000 during the last year alone to a wide range of educational organisations, including the University of Washington, UNCF, and numerous schools located in the greater Seattle area.

But… we want to do more.

Starting today, we are excited to announce that Blackboard is now available in 18 different states, thanks to our amazing distributors. We are humbled at this exciting news, and are eager to continue crafting wine that represents Washington State in the best light, with the added mission to pass along our success to ensure greater access to education through partnerships and donations.

Join our mailing list to hear more about our wines and our efforts to provide greater access to education. If you have a favourite educational charity that you would like us to consider, please let us know at If you would like to carry our wines at your wine shop, contact our one of our incredible distributors (full list here)

Thank you again for being a part of this new chapter with Blackboard. Every bottle matters, and every vintage feels like the first day of school.

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— jeb dunnuck

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