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A single vineyard in every bottle

An introduction to Washington

An old-world connection

Washington is located at nearly the same latitude as some of the top French wine-growing regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy. For almost 150 years, vines here have thrived, thanks to long, sunny days and cool nights that are kind to growing grapes.

Washington Wine the Single Barrel way

Single Barrel grapes are sustainably grown and hand-harvested in Washington State-a wine region unlike any in the world. Here, miles of vines stretch across 20 diverse AVAs to produce a broad range of thriving varietals.

Grown in the Columbia Valley

The valley is home to 50,000 acres of vines within 20 distinct AVAs. Contrary to the reputation of the Pacific Northwest, the valley only gets six inches of rainfall a year—as much as the Gobi Desert. Our long and consistent growing season produces complex, yet vibrant wines with world-class varietals ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Sauvignon Blanc.

The Single Barrel Vineyards

We source grapes from vineyards in the Columbia Valley. Sites such as Conner Lee, Stoneridge and Va Piano imbue their unique character into specific vintages of Single Barrel for wines that reflect a nuanced profile that can only be found in Washington.

Our Wines

A focus on craft

It all started with one barrel. A capsule of a single place that resides within Washington State. A snapshot that evoked the sun on the fruit and the minerals in the soil. One sip, and we never looked at wine-making the same way again. Like that first wine, Single Barrel takes us back to the vineyard. We vint to reflect a strong sense of place in every barrel we make. We test, innovate and push our process, finding our own take on technique to keep our craft simple and vineyard-focused. Our vines are sustainably grown and hand-harvested. Our process is rigorously simple, so the grapes’ flavors remain their nuanced own.

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